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July 27th, 2003
Moved the site over to new webspace and a new URL at I also went through and deleted and fixed some of the old links on the Links page. Other than that, not too much else new to report, I'm afraid. At some soon point in the future I hope to see if any new Babylon 5 humor sites have cropped up on the web... there has to be at least a few. :)

October 10th, 2002
Added more submissions to the White Star Numbers page in the Other Stuff section.

September 27th, 2002
Updated a link for the site Ruth's Ruthless Homepage: The Intergalactic Samaritans in the Links section.

September 16th, 2002
Added a submission to the White Star Numbers page in the Other Stuff section.

May 17th, 2002
Gave the site layout a much-needed major overhaul.

Added a submission "Even More Babylon 5 vs. Rest of Genre" (no spoilers) to the Scenes You'll Never See on Babylon 5 section.

Updated the Links page by cleaning out the dead links and fixing the changed ones.

May 21st, 2000
Added four links, Kosh's Problems, The Marcus Adventures, The Mollari Group, and Zocalo Toons to the Links section.

April 13th, 2000
Added three links, B5 Pants, Too Much Time, and Babylon 5's Flying Circus to the Links section.

February 28th, 2000
Added a submission to the White Star Numbers page in the Other Stuff section.

Added four links, Crusade Wars, If Dr. Seuss Had Written for Babylon 5, The Babylon 5 Conventional Wisdom Watch, and Babylon 5 Top Ten Lists to the Links section (and fixed some of the other links).

And two requests:

One: If anyone knows where these sites have gone off to, I would appreciate the info:
The Babylon 5 Drinking Game
The Babylon 5 Turkey Awards
Scary Postcards by Dymphna
Visit Scenic Minbar

Two: A while back I happened upon a page (which I believe was in an .uk domain) which had Mr. Morden's Diary, Ranger Ericcson's Diary, some cute Vorlon ASCII art, and possibly other stuff I can't remember. Unfortunately, I didn't keep track of the link. So if anyone knows of the page and has the URL to it, I'd be grateful if you could e-mail it to me. Thanks!

November 20th, 1999
Added a submission to the Fasten, Then Zip? page in the Other Stuff section.

Added a link Sevlon 5 to the Links section.

November 6th, 1999
Added two links, Flarn, and Cooking With Zathras to the Links section.

November 5th, 1999
(sigh) Well, updating the site was a nice dream... To be honest, I haven't been able to come up with anything. (I think my muse is taking a long vacation.) I have several personal projects which I want to undertake, one of which is giving all of my Crusade episodes a nice thorough watch, so hopefully inspiration will strike then. One thing's for sure... I could never make a living as a writer.

I've decided to take down the Strange Poll and Babylon 5 Today sections... they were nice ideas, but they really didn't work. The results of the Polls that have happened so far can be found in the Other Stuff section, but that's it.

Expect me when you see me...

June 6th, 1999
OK, so this is a slightly long update comment... bear with me here.

OK, first of all, I haven't given up on this site. (Not that anyone really cares, but anyway...) I just haven't been able to do any updates for four reasons: One: My computer died on me not too long ago and I was forced to suffer through living without it for a month and a half. Two: I got a job which kept me busy and too tired to think. Three: I couldn't think of anything to write. Four: Nobody sent me anything.

However, since I've managed to solve the first three problems (still working on the last ::shoots hint-hint glances at everyone::) I should be able to add some new stuff to the site every so often. In fact, I have some things in mind right now... in the meantime, though...

Added eight links, Plenty O' Pak'Ma'Ra, DelennToo's B5 Cartoons, Comics, and Caricatures, Emperor Cartagia's Humour Palace, Babylon 5 Parody, All I Need to Know About Life I Learned From Garibaldi, Scary Postcards by Dymphna, Scooby Doo and Babylon 5, and The Lou Welch Shrine to the Links section.

Changed some Links whose addresses changed and got rid of some dead Links.

Straightened up the Results for the "Strange Poll". I'm busy thinking up a new one... I should have it soon.

Did some general spelling and HTML fixes throughout the site.

Whew! That's was a mouthful. OK, I'm done. Really.

December 9, 1998
Added two links, Babylon 5 Filks on the Web, and The Order of the Sisters of Zathras to the Links section.

December 2, 1998
Added a new "Strange Poll" and archived the results of the last one. All Past Polls are still open... just e-mail me your additions!

November 22, 1998
Added two links, The Babylon 5 Gag Reels, and Humor to the Links section.

November 21, 1998
Added a new "Strange Poll" and archived the results of the last one. This new poll has spoilers up to "Atonement".

Added spoiler warnings to this Updates page. I really should have done that before...

November 15, 1998
Added a new thing I wrote, "The One" (spoilers up to "Objects in Motion"), to the Other Stuff section.

November 13, 1998
Added a new thing I wrote, "Garibaldi's Big Day" (spoilers up to "Objects in Motion"), and a submission "More Babylon 5 vs. Rest of Genre" to the Scenes You'll Never See on Babylon 5 section.

November 10, 1998
Added the section Babylon 5 Today, which has episode reviews in a newspaper-esque format.

November 8, 1998
In response to a question I got from B5Merlen (thank you!) I decided to re-word the Submission Instructions page to try and make it a little clearer.

Added a link for B5Merlen's B5 Misspelling Dictionary to the Links section. I also reorganized the links a bit.

November 7, 1998
Added a new section, "Strange Polls", where I ask for your opinion on odd topics.

Did a little file rearranging. Don't worry, the links all still work.

Added a graphic menu to the top of each page, to spice things up a bit and hopefully make getting around easier as well. If people like it or don't mind it, I'll leave it up. If they find it obnoxious, I'll take it down. No problem. :)

November 5, 1998
Added two submissions, "You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Us, Sinclair" (spoilers up to "War Without End"), and "He's a Vorlon" to the Babylon 5 Filks section.

November 4, 1998
Made some cosmetic changes to a few pages.

Added a submission to the "White Star Numbers" page.

Added a submission "Babylon 5 vs. Rest of Genre" (spoilers up to Season 5) to the Scenes You'll Never See on Babylon 5 section.

November 3, 1998
The whole site is new!

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