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Garibaldi's Big Day

(takes place during "Objects in Motion")

(Scene starts a few minutes after Garibaldi runs out to get the minister.)

Garibaldi: (comes back into Lise's room with the minister) OK, OK... here we go. This guy'll marry us.

Lise: All right... but shouldn't your friends be here?

Garibaldi: (snaps fingers) You know, you're right. I'll be right back.

(Garibaldi runs out of the room.)

Minister: (gestures around the Medlab) You're getting married in here?

Lise: Yes... it's a strange universe, isn't it?


(Cut over to Sheridan's office where he's busy going through some paperwork.)

Sheridan: Hmm. You know, this idea with Miss Halloran just might work...

(Garibaldi runs into the room.)

Sheridan: Ah, Michael. What can I do for you?

Garibaldi: You can come with me down to Medlab.

Sheridan: (looks worried) Why, has something happened to Lise?

Garibaldi: What? Oh, no, no, no. She's fine. (grins) Just fine. But I need you to come with me! Come on! (gestures toward the door)

Sheridan: What do you need me for?

Garibaldi: I'll tell you when we get there. Come on!

Sheridan: But... (gestures toward his desk) I have all this stuff to take care of...

Garibaldi: It can wait. Now let's go! (grabs Sheridan's arm and starts dragging him along)

Sheridan: But... Wait... Michael! (They both leave the room.)


(Cut to G'Kar's quarters, where a huge mob of Narns are waiting, chanting his name.)

Narns: G'Kar! G'Kar!

Garibaldi: (pushing them aside) Excuse me, coming through, move aside...

Sheridan: (still getting dragged along) Mr. Garibaldi! Will you please explain what in the hell is going on?

Garibaldi: Later. (rings door chime)

G'Kar: Yes?

Garibaldi: It's me, Garibaldi.

G'Kar: (opens door) Ah, Mr. Garibaldi. I'm glad you came to see me before I... oof! (Garibaldi grabs G'Kar by the front of his shirt and drags him outside.)

Narns: (excited that G'Kar has come out of hiding) G'Kar! G'Kar!

Random Narn: Citizen G'Kar! Will you give us a final speech?

Garibaldi: He's busy.

G'Kar: (nods) I'm busy. (turns to Garibaldi) Busy doing what? Mr. Garibaldi... I am just about ready to leave.

Garibaldi: This'll only take a little while, trust me.

G'Kar: What will take a little while? Where are we going?

Garibaldi: To Medlab.

G'Kar: Medlab... is Lise all right?

Garibaldi: She's fine. Now come on!

G'Kar: (looks at Sheridan, who shrugs) Very well then, lead on.

(The three of them head off with the mob of Narns following, still chanting.)

Sheridan: Michael... Medlab is that way.

Garibaldi: I know. I just have a few more stops to make.


(Cut to C & C.)

Corwin: Tell the Narn transport they can head over to...

(Garibaldi enters C & C, followed by Sheridan, G'Kar, and the Narns.)

Narns: G'Kar! G'Kar!

Garibaldi: You folks are staying out here.

(Garibaldi pulls Sheridan and G'Kar into C & C and closes the doors in front of the Narns.)

Corwin: Mr. President! Is there something I can do for you?

Sheridan: Don't ask me, ask him. (points at Garibaldi)

Garibaldi: You wouldn't happen to know where Captain Lochley is, would you?

Corwin: Uh, yeah, she's in a meeting.

Garibaldi: Nuts!

Corwin: Why, was there something you needed to talk to her about?

Garibaldi: No, I guess not... (looks at Corwin and smiles) But you can come with me. (nods) Yeah, why not? The more the merrier.

Corwin: Come with you where?

Sheridan, G'Kar, and Garibaldi: Medlab.

Corwin: Medlab? Is Miss Edgars all right?

Garibaldi: (testily) Yes, she's all right. Now come on!

Corwin: (gestures toward his station) But I can't just...

Sheridan: Humor him, Mr Corwin. The sooner we get whatever this is over with, the better.

Corwin: (shrugs) All right...

Garibaldi: Good. (grabs Corwin by the arm, and herds him, Sheridan, and G'Kar out the door back into the mob of Narns)

Narns: G'Kar, G'Kar!

Garibaldi: Give it a rest, will you?!


(Cut to a random corridor.)

(Zack walks up to Garibaldi and his mob.)

Garibaldi: Hey, Zack!

Zack: Hi. So you're the ones who've been causing trouble.

Sheridan: Trouble?

Zack: We've been getting reports of a huge mob travelling through the station. (pauses) Chanting.

Sheridan: (nods) That would be us.

Zack: Can you tell me what's going on here?

Sheridan, Corwin, and G'Kar: (pointing at Garibaldi) Ask him.

Zack: Michael... ?

Garibaldi: I'll explain in a few minutes, I promise. In the meantime, come to Medlab with me.

Zack: Medlab? Is Miss Edgars...

Sheridan, G'Kar, and Garibaldi: She's fine!

(Corwin shrugs.)

Zack: Well, all right then. Let's get going.

Garibaldi: Great. Come on... no, wait. I have a better idea. Call Stephen and that lady pal of his and bring them to Medlab.

Zack: (uncertainly) OK...

Garibaldi: And tell them Lise is fine!

(Garibaldi's mob moves off. Zack shakes his head and heads over the BabCom unit.)

Zack: He made more sense when he was drunk...


(Cut to outside Lise's room, where Zack, Dr. Franklin and Tessa Halloran are waiting.)

Garibaldi: Hi, hi, and hi. Nice of you to come.

Franklin: Hi. You wouldn't mind telling me what this is all about, would you?

Garibaldi: I will as soon as we all go in that door.

Franklin: (points to the chanting Narns) They are not coming in here. They'll disrupt my patients.

Garibaldi: Yes, I know. (herds Sheridan, Corwin, Zack, Franklin, G'Kar and Halloran into Medlab, then turns to the crowd of Narns, who try to follow G'Kar inside.) I'll save you a piece of cake. (enters the room and closes the door behind him, closing out the Narns)


(Garibaldi turns to look at the people he has gathered, Lise and the minister, and smiles.)

Garibaldi: Well, then.

Sheridan: (looking at the minister) I thought you said she was fine.

Lise: I am. The minister is here to marry us.

Zack: Marry?!

Garibaldi: Yeah.

Sheridan: In here?

Garibaldi: Why not?

Sheridan: So that's what you wanted all of us for.

Garibaldi: (smiles) Riiiight. Well, then. Let's get this show on the road!

Minister: (clears throat) Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today...

Garibaldi: Uh, could we skip a few lines?

Lise: Michael!

Garibaldi: Well... (gestures at everyone) These guys... (Halloran raises her eyebrows) ... and lady... are all in a hurry.

(Lise sighs and looks at the minister.)

Minister: Well, then. (clears throat again) Lise Hampton-Franz-Edgars. (raises eyebrows a bit and continues) Do you...

Lise: Michael, we need rings to exchange!

Garibaldi: Damn! I forgot about that! Well... here. (takes Lise's old ring off her hand) We can just "recycle" this for now.

Lise: Well what about yours?

Garibaldi: Uh... (looks around room, spies Sheridan's ring) This'll do. (takes the ring off of Sheridan's hand)

Sheridan: Hey!

Garibaldi: Relax, I'm just borrowing it.

(Lise smiles and takes the ring from Garibaldi.)

Minister: Ahem, well... Lise Hampton-Franz-Edgars, do you take Michael Garibaldi to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health...

Garibaldi: (moves closer to the bed and grins at her) Yadda, yadda, yadda... 'till death do us part?

Lise: (smiles) I do. (puts Sheridan's ring on his hand)

Minister: (gets a slightly annoyed look, then continues) And do you, Michael Garibaldi, take Lise Hampton-Franz-Edgars...

Garibaldi: I do. (puts her ring on her hand)

Minister: (gets an even more annoyed look, then lets out a sigh of exasperation) Then I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now...

(Garibaldi kisses Lise and everyone cheers.)

Minister: (bangs his Bible shut) I give up. Excuse me! (leaves Medlab, pushing his way through the mob of Narns, who chant G'Kar's name until the doors close again)

(A Medlab tech hurries in and starts throwing rice from a spare hazardous materials container.)

Franklin: Hey, wait a second here! I hope you're cleaning that up!

Sheridan: (to Garibaldi) Congratulations!

G'Kar: Yes, congratulations indeed!

(Corwin sobs a bit, and everyone looks at him.)

Corwin: What? I always cry at weddings.

Garibaldi: Well, that'll just about do it, I guess...

Lise: Michael?

Garibaldi: Hmm?

Lise: I didn't get to throw a bouquet.

Garibaldi: Uh, oh... anyone have any ideas?

(Everyone looks at each other, trying to think of something. Suddenly, Corwin snaps his fingers.)

Corwin: I have an idea! I'll be right back!

Zack: He has an idea?

(Everyone shrugs.)


(Corwin returns five minutes later with a Love Bat and hands it to Garibaldi.)

Garibaldi: A Love Bat?

Corwin: It's the best I could come up with.

Garibaldi: (sighs) All right then. (hands it to Lise)

Franklin: OK! All unmarried women...

(Everyone looks around and realizes that Halloran is the only unmarried woman in the room.)

Halloran: Throw it here, Mrs... Hampton-Franz...

Lise: Lise.

Halloran: Lise...

(Lise throws the Love Bat, and Halloran catches it.)

Love Bat: (in a sickly sweet woman's voice) I love you!

Sheridan: (shakes head) I can't believe people actually buy those things. (Corwin gives him a hurt look) Sorry, Mr. Corwin.

Garibaldi: (kisses Lise) Well, I guess we'd all better get back to work, right? I'll see you later. (Lise smiles)

Zack: I'll go tell Security that the mob situation has been taken care of.

G'Kar: I have to get my things together and leave. I wish you two the best of luck. (Garibaldi and Lise nod)

Sheridan: I need to go finish up my paperwork before Delenn arrives...

Corwin: I need to get back before the Captain wonders where I've been...

Franklin: I need to uh, have a word with Miss Halloran...

Garibaldi: So do I, as it turns out.

Halloran: Then I'll have a word with both of you.

(They start to head out.)

Sheridan: Michael?

Garibaldi: Hmm?

Sheridan: My ring?

Garibaldi: Oh. (takes off Sheridan's ring and gives it back to him)

Sheridan: Thanks.

(Sheridan, Zack, Corwin, Garibaldi, Miss Halloran, Franklin, and G'Kar all head out. The mob of Narns follow G'Kar, still chanting his name. The Medlab doors close behind them)

Lise: (to the Medlab tech that threw the rice, who is now cleaning it up) You know, that is definitely the shortest and strangest wedding that I ever had.

Medlab tech: (cheerfully) Ma'am, this is Babylon 5. Everything here is strange.

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