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Interstellar Olympics at Z'ha'dum

An actual scene with some "extra" narration thrown in...

(Morden turns to the camera, microphone in hand.)

Morden: Hello, ladies and gentlebeings. I'm Mr. Morden, and I'll be your announcer for tonight's events. This evening we are live at Z'ha'dum where the most recent installment of the "Acts of Complete Desperation" event is taking place. And as our competitor tonight we have none other than Captain John "Nukeman" Sheridan. Having come to Z'ha'dum in an act of incredible stupidity, he is now being literally chased to the edge by Shadow forces.

(Sheridan finds himself at the edge of a high balcony over a large hole, looking rather disheveled. Anna appears and talks to him.)

Anna: John, there's nowhere to run. Come back inside, we can work this out.

Morden: The Shadows are playing their hand... Sheridan's building up that crucial desperation level...

Anna: I know this isn't the Anna that you knew. What I am is what was made in her, a new personality. She can never come back, but I can love you as well as she did.

Kosh's Voice: Jump! Jump now!

Morden: A Vorlon-assisted desperation move! Daring choice...

(Sheridan dives into the hole.)

Morden: And there he goes! A daring Desperation Swan Dive with a Vorlon Twist, Death Difficulty factor of Highly Likely. Let's see what the judges think...

(Various Shadow beings come into view, holding up cards that say 10.0, 9.7, and the like.)

Morden: Well, there you have it folks. Tonight's "Acts of Complete Desperation" event. Tune in tomorrow night as we see Londo and G'Kar strangle each other in an attempt to save Centauri Prime...

(Anna screams.)

Morden: Hold on a sec folks, we seem to be having some problems...

(The White Star crashes through the glass dome and explodes in a fiery nuclear mushroom cloud. The screen goes blank.)

Computer Voice: This ISN broadcast is currently experiencing technical difficulties. Please stand by.

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