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Submission Instructions

So you want to submit something. Good. Here are some instructions and guidelines.

Technical considerations:

Send all submissions to Put "Submission" somewhere in the subject line.

Sending the submission within the e-mail message is preferred, but if that is not possible then send a file.

Attached files should be either .txt format (preferred) or in a MS Works or Wordpad compatible format.

If you have a webpage you would like me to mirror on my site, send the URL and tell me. if you would prefer I instead link to it in my Links section, put "Links" in the subject of your e-mail and say you want me to link to it. (Remember, it has to be either funny or weird.)

For all non-text-only files, make sure your file is virus-free before you send it.

Creative Considerations:

You can send anything you want, as long as it is funny or bizarre. Your submission can be completely original, or it can be ideas for my pages. If you send an idea for an existing page, be sure to tell me which page your stuff is for.

Make sure your submission is at most R rated. No X-rated stuff, please.

Check your spelling and grammar. I will not change the content of your submission, but I will do simple spelling and grammar edits if necessary.

Title any original submissions. If you do not provide a title I will think one up myself.

Send a name to credit the submission to. It does not have to be your real name, just whatever you feel comfortable with. You can also give an e-mail address for people to comment to, but that is not required. If you do not want your name posted then say so and I will credit your piece as Anonymous.

All submissions must be your own creation, or you must have the permission of the creator to send it in.

Do not put any HTML formatting in your submission. I will handle that myself.

That's about it. Commence writing, and be a part of the Babylon 5 Babylon!

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