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Babylon 5 and Space Cases

For people who watch Space Cases
as well as Babylon 5, a discussion
of how the two might fit together.

Spoilers up to "War Without End"

Fasten, then Zip?

How various characters might
answer Garibaldi's question.

Spoilers up to "Into the Fire".

Human Castes

What might happen if the humans
adopted the Minbari caste system.

(no spoilers)

The One

What Zathras (or is it Zathras?) might
have called some of the other characters.

Spoilers up to "Objects in Motion".

Strange Poll Results

Results of the Strange Polls.

Spoilers up to "Falling Toward Apotheosis".

Things To Do To Non-B5 fans

Spoilers up to "Into the Fire"

White Star Numbers

What all those White Star numbers really mean...

(no spoilers)

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