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Human Castes

The Caste system works fine for Minbari - you're either Worker, Warrior, or Religious. But what would happen if Earth had a caste system? Knowing how humans love specialization, compartmentalizing and exclusivity it could get a bit weird...

Religious Caste

This caste would include the Pope, Bishops, Priests, Rabbis, and other such religious types, as well as nuns and monks. Cult leaders and followers would technically belong in this caste, though some may complain about it.

Warrior Caste

This would include the military, police officers, and security officers, as well as postal workers and professional hit men. Lawyers could conceivably fit in here but they deserve a caste all their own (see below).

Worker Caste

This would include all those "Would you like fries with that?", "And we check your oil and wash your windshield, too.", and "Is there anything I can help you find?" types. Also includes secretaries and prostitutes. Builders and construction workers belong here but engineers and architects have their own caste (see below).

Power Caste

This includes all politicians, Mafia, crime bosses, and extremely wealthy people.

Upper Caste

Upper class people who don't actually work, such as spouses and children of wealthy people.

Capitalist caste

All business people.

Lawyer Caste

There's so many of them they can populate a caste all their own. Not to mention all the different types - Defense lawyers, Prosecuting lawyers, Civil lawyers, Insurance lawyers, Divorce lawyers...

Teenager Caste

Trust me, they deserve to be in a caste of their own as well.

Intellectual Caste

All scientists - Chemists, Physicists, Engineers... Also Architects and non-military doctors. Ordinarily these types would be worker caste, but some of them feel they are higher beings than the rest of us.

Lower Caste

All people who are on government support, homeless, or otherwise poor and disadvantaged. Of course, according to President Clark, this caste doesn't exist.

Entertainment Caste

All actors, theater people, singers, talk show hosts, mimes, journalists, and news anchors. (After all, what is news but entertainment that's true? And sometimes not even true.)

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