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Fasten, Then Zip?

In the episode "Babylon Squared" we found out what Sinclair and Garibaldi do first. But what about other B5 characters and races?

Fasten, then zip or zip, then fasten?

Morden: My associates say to zip, then fasten. If you don't, then they will turn their eye to your homeworld.
(Submitted by PirATe2100.)

Kosh: Yes.

Kosh II: Zippers are irrelevant.

Sheridan: The Vorlons say fasten, then zip. The Shadows say zip, then fasten. And now you want us to choose who is right. Well, what if neither of you are right?

Ivanova: Ivanova is God. And if you do not fasten, then zip, Ivanova will personally rip your lungs out!

Franklin: Then one day I was getting dressed. And I decided I would fasten then zip, but the really important part of me decided to zip, then fasten. Now I have to go walk until I meet myself so we can talk zippers...

Zack Allen: Fasten, then zip. Zip, then fasten. I don't know which side's the right side anymore. And my uniform pants don't fit right either way!

Delenn: I zip, you zip, he or she zips. Zip-zip. Zip-zip?

Rangers: We live for the One. We die for the one. We fasten, then zip for the One.

Zathras: You are the One who fastens, then zips. You are the One who zips, then fastens...

Lorien: You are caught between tick and tock. Tick-fasten, then zip. Tock-zip, then fasten...

Londo: Fasten, then zip. But in the old days of the Republic, 100 servants would jump to fasten, then zip 100 pants at our slightest whim...

G'Kar: I look forward to the day when we have cleansed the universe of the Centauri and carved their bones into little buttons and zippers for Narn children's clothing...

Walkers at Sigma 957: Zog.

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