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White Star Numbers

This thread came from two thoughts of mine. It started when I was looking for a White Star number reference for a fanfic, and turned into a list of humorous references after I saw the Season 5 episode with Captain Montoya and his White Star "Maria". I posted my list in the newsgroup and other people joined in with their ideas. And now I've gathered all those ideas into this list.

From (Damien Hailey):

White Star 1/2
Changes into a Shadow vessel when splashed with cold water. Hot water changes it back.

White Star Prime
"Transform and roll out!"

White Star Primal
Considered to be inferior to to White Star Prime, but was generally thought highly of until it's third mission.

White Star 3
Was originally White Star 6, but was renamed when it was transferred to Earth. Was eventually renamed back when it was upgraded and paired with White Star 5.

White Star 7
One of the most famous White Stars, particulary after an incident involving the death of the captain's girlfriend, but considered to have an inferior record overall to White Star 3/6.

White Star 40,000
All-human crew, and they're rather paranoid about aliens (tend to shoot first and to hell with the questions). Captain under extensive Life Support after brutal mutiny by his XO, but the crew refuses to operate without him.

White Star 08
Squadrons it's assigned to tend to get wiped out on their third mission together.

White Star VF-1
Transforms into a giant Mecha.

White Star SDF-1
Also transforms into a Giant Mecha, and carries a BIG Main Gun in front.

White Star 0
Has three optional armor configurations for High Speed, Close Combat, and Heavy Artillery missions.


White Star A-10
A close space support White Star with a 30mm Avenger cannon capable of firing 70 rounds per second.

White Star F-16
Keeps trying to fly into hula-hoops left in the yard.

White Star 688
The White Star that has broken 9,000 space hours, giving it the highest number of flying hours of any fighter spacecraft.

White Star 867-5309
Don't lose that White Star.

White Star ø
Keeps flying around in perfect spirals.


White Star T-1000
Sent from the future. Can change its shape into another ship of the same mass.

White Star T-800
An inferior model to White Star T-1000.

White Star T-800, Model-101
Superior to White Star T-800, but inferior to White Star T-1000.

White Star 98 Degrees
Ship's crew CANNOT SING!!!

White Star AOL Version 5.0
Ship is said to be better then 4.0, but isn't.

White Star AOL Version 4.0
IS better then version 5.0.


White Star 7M3
Officer Jon Baker's White Star.

From Jeysie (Me):

White Star 1
Also known as just the White Star. Considered a prime place to be posted.

White Star 2
Considered even better than White Star 1.

White Star 3
A rather odd place to serve.

White Star 4
The crew of this ship is generally regarded by some people as not having a clue...

White Star 6
Oddly enough, all the new Centauri Rangers want to be posted to this ship...

White Star 7
They seem to survive all their battles on luck alone. They also clean up at the casinos quite a bit.

White Star 007
The Rangers' best spy ship.

White Star 13
The cursed Ranger ship... Bad things seem to happen to this ship quite a bit.

White Star 14
Strange things happen on this ship... and there is a high turnover rate for command since the captains keep inexplicably aging...

White Star 21
The Rangers' best ship for parties.

White Star 30
Everything seems to end at White Star 30...

White Star 42
The captain claims to have all the answers... however, no one's really sure what questions they answer.

White Star 69
Not gonna touch that one. Nope.

White Star 83
Absolutely nothing happened on White Star 83. I repeat, nothing happened. Please remain calm.

White Star 86
Keeps getting tossed out and around. Also, the captain has a strange habit of talking to his shoe.

White Star '98
Used to be White Star '95, until the computer system got upgraded. Rumor has it that the captain has a monopoly on all the other White Stars' computer systems...

White Star 99
Works alongside White Star 86 quite a bit.

White Star 666
The ship all the Ranger troublemakers get posted to. Last known contact with this ship was when it was seen near Z'ha'dum...

White Star 1492
Went out beyond the Rim to prove that the universe wasn't flat.

White Star 2001
Has an experimental design computer known as "HAL".

White Star 411
The information place for all the White Stars. (Or, the ship you go to for all the other White Stars' StellarCom numbers.).

White Star 24601
Commanded by Captain Valjean. Currently on the run from the White Star commanded by Captain Javert.

White Star AK47
When you absolutely, positively have to kill *everyone* in the galaxy.

White Star EF1
President Luchenko's personal White Star.

White Star B9
"Danger, Ranger Lennier, danger!"

White Star 144
This White Star is considered to be gross.

White Star 500
During their free time, the crew of this White Star likes to run races with other ships.

White Star 2400
Used to be considered the fastest White Star, until they came out with WS 9600, WS 14400, WS 28800, WS 33600, WS 56K, and finally, WS X2. Of course, these have all become outdated with the release of WS ISDN and WS Cable.

From (AM):

White Star 17
Inexplicably went missing - crew members rumoured to be seeking the "perfect exit".

White Star 1096
Went off to join "Crusade".

White Star 2000
Crew got confused when they thought they had been transported back 100 years.

White Star 9
Painted entirely in shades of grey.

From (Kim):

White Star 6.02 * 10^23
Seems to frequently have a mole problem, but where they get them from I don't have a clue.

White Star 5
It seems WS1, 2, and 3 both exploded in their first testing and WS4 disappeared to who knows where.

White Star 711
Often does hit and run food stops.

Super Turbo White Star 2 Championship Edition
Apparently commanded by a man named Gyle. The crew has an awfully hard time counting to the number 3.

White Star 51
The head of the alliance continually denies the existence of this ship.

From (Avatarr):

White Star 42
Everyone aboard understands the meaning of life.

From (B & R Batz):

WS-1701, WS-1701-A, WS-1701-B, WS-1701-C, WS-1701-D and WS-1701-E
The only White Stars not based on Minbari and Vorlon technology. They were instead built by a race known as the (tech). The crews are delusional, believing that they came from another universe.

From (Bill Harris):

White Star 58
The crew of this ship call themselves the "Wild Cards".

White Star 495
The crew of this ship are called the "Beltway Bandits".

From (Bill Nettles):

White Star 42
Everyone aboard knows the answer to the Ultimate Question about Life, the Universe, and Everything. However, no one aboard knows the Question.

White Star 957
Has been around billions of years and those who walk the bridge, prefer to walk there alone.

White Star 2001
Taken over by the computer, crashed into Io. Crew discovered Crab-shaped monument which morphed into a monolith.

White Star 800
Free transport for anyone who cares to get on. Sister ships White Star 888 and 877 constructed due to popularity of 800.

White Star 2525
"If man is still alive, if woman can survive..."

White Star i
The imaginary version. (Also known as White Star j to electrical engineers.)

White Star 1+i
The complex version, sometimes called White Star z.

White Star 2.7818281827...
Self-deriving ship, can also be self-integrated.

From (Bill):

White Star 101
Introduces trainees to the Ranger program.

White Star 311
Rumor has it HomeGuard has infiltrated this ship.

White Star 19
What is so deep about the ship, 19?

White Star 2032
After White Star DSV got axed, this one tried to pick up the slack. It got axed in less then seven missions.

White Star 25
Enjoys a lower insurance rate then White Star 24 for no particular reason.

White Star 1400
The captain has several sexual harassment charges against him. Intern rangers frequent this ship as well.

From (Cally Soukup):

White star 7734
Flies upside down a lot. Often found in close association with White Star 666.

From (CF):

White Star 43
First ship with seven planetary conquests, and only ship with 200 ship-to-ship kills (a.k.a "victories"). Captain wears a cowboy hat and shades, and smiles constantly.

White Star 3
Known for ramming other WS from behind so he can be first into battle.

White Star 24
Has a rainbow painted on its upper wing. Known for having young, yet devastatingly successful, captain and crew.

White Star 10
Scores only one victory per year, but has been doing so since commissioning.

White Star 90
Captain's name causes giggling amongst less-mature Ranger trainees.

From (Chris Blakeley):

White Star 02134
Zooming off into the lead under the command of Ubbi-Dubbi.

White Star 8535937
It's always a squeeze to get into this one.

White Star 1620
Be thankful they're here to help you.

White Star 124816
Popularity growing exponentially everyday...

The White Stardis
Bigger on the inside than on the outside...

From (Cyrus Dogstar):

White Star '95
Crashes a lot.

White Star '98
Left drydock (spacedock?) 3 years after White Star '95, hyped a lot, but not much better.

White Star 10-13
Captain Carter's ship, involved in many supernatural phenomenon, has lots of Vree Rangers on board.

White Star 666
Has "CTHULHU WILL RETURN" spray-pained on its hull.

From fcc@CS.Cornell.EDU (Francis Chu):

White Star 1031
The crew reportedly has seen a guy with hockey mask showing up from time to time. (There are also reports of other sightings, such as witches, ghosts, etc.)

White Star 1701
The crew seems to be on some kind of trek. Their assignment is to boldly go where no Rangers have gone before.

White Star 3.14159265
The crew is well-rounded and have "become" transcendental beings. They are all Ironheart.

White Star 5
This White Star has a 5 year mission. It's our last, best hope for peace (or is it victory?).

White Star 555
The only White Star with a smoking section.

White Star 5551212
The White Star with the roster list of all the Rangers.

White Star 777
The first White Star designed completely by AI. Garibaldi ain't getting on this White Star.

From (FTroilo):

White Star 10-10-321
Cheaper to contact than regular White Stars.

From (Gary J. Ehrlich):

White Star 70
Performs best on home runs.

White Star 613
Jews... In... Spaaaaaaace!!!

White Star K9
A Ranger's best friend.

White Star 2000
Better than a Pak'ma'ra Bell or a MacinKosh.

White Star 51
Believed to hold the remains of a Strieb ship.

White Star 23
When this White Star first arrives, the commander may automatically take over any artifact or gadget. Fnord.

From (Hokuto):

White Star 1040
Everyone avoids this one.

White Star 53
Only White Star with disco & dance hall.

White Star 6
"I am not a number - I am a FREE MAN!!"

White Star 2
Keeps an eye on WS 6.

White Star #1
You are number six...

White Star 747
Largest White Star, but aisles to bathrooms always blocked...

White Star 555
Filled with wannabe Satanic Rangers.

White Star 994399231
Crew wishes they'd start using names instead of numbers.

White Star 3.1
Less powerful, more expensive class of White Star.

White Star 4.0
Same as WS 3.1, but better-looking... unfortunately crashes a lot.

White Star 4.00.950b
Crashes a bit less than WS 4.0.

White Star 48
Disturbs all the other White Stars with strange singing. "The leg-bone's connected to the, ankle-bone, the ankle-bone's connected to the, hip-bone..."

From (Jacob Corbin):

White Star 420
Where all the underachieving Rangers go. A great place to be assigned if you want to know how to hollow out your denn'bok to make a bong.

White Star 3.141579...
Rangers suffering from chronic debilitating migraine headaches and delusions of godhood are assigned here.

White Star 1980
They finally reached Earth!

From (James A. Wolf):

White Star 18
A real lively one!

White Star 911
The one that gets sent to all the emergencies.

White Star 82
The White Star that is sent down to the planets for missions on the surface.

White Star 9
Has a captain considered to be a revolutionary.

White Star 6-500
Captained by Ranger Miller. Its nickname is the Pennsylvania.

<<White Star AK47: When you absolutely, positively have to kill *everyone* in the galaxy.>>
What about its opposite number, White Star M-16? :-)

From "JREDING" (nospam) (James Reding):

White Star 3.14159...
The crew tends to be highly irrational.

White Star 299792459
The first time they took this experimental prototype out, it arrived before it left.

White Star 2.71828...
Naturally one of the better White Stars.

White Star 1-976
What Crusade would be if TNT gets their way.

White Star 1776
This one broke away from the rest of the White Star fleet.

White Star 1999
White Star commanded by a Martin Landau lookalike.

White Star 90210
Crewed by a group of good-looking, yet none too bright people.

White Star 8675309
Seems to have left their StellarCom address scrawled in methane toilets across the galaxy.

From (JaniceW643):

White Star 187
Commonly used by Rangers working undercover. They tend to get killed in action.

White Star 7
Commonly called upon by desperate backwater worlds to save them from raiders (or worse). The captain and his XO always live, but the rest of the crew bite it on a regular basis.

White Star 1984
This ship and its crew are the seed that later germinated into the Earth state that Virtual Garibaldi helped to destroy.

White Star X
Believed to be captained by the elder brother of White Star 5's captain - he always wears a mask.

White Star 5
Besides being the last, best hope of the first ten White Stars, the captain of this ship is known for his courage, good nature and stunning naivete - and the girlfriend who's just like him.

White Star 4
The captain and his two pals were three of the first human Rangers - they "adopted" an eager young Ranger after the Shadow War, and now all of them are on this ship.

White Star 9
The captain of this ship used to be an Earthforce captain before joining - most of his command staff went with him. He used to run a deep-space station.

White Star 1997
It used to be crewed by Centauri, but recently it got handed over to a bunch of Narn.

White Star 1786
Crewed exclusively by Scotsmen, but because of internal bickering this ship got blown away during the prelude to the Battle of Corianna 6.

White Star 1977
Crewed by a bunch of Rangers that claim to be from a galaxy far, far away.

White Star 0079
The entire crew has this fascination for humanoid giant robots, and they all worship some human called "Char" or something like that.

White Stars 1bis and 2bis
All hands play some old human game based upon a farcical past-view of the future. (They've nicked their ships "Beowulf" and "Strephon".)

White Star 1917
All hands come from the Russian Federation.

From (Jeff Vavasour):

White Star 90210
Used for target practice by other White Stars?

White Star 80586
Targeting computers constantly suffering from computation errors when using divide and conquer tactics?

White Star 2000
Power inexplicably shuts down, crew never gets their paycheques, elevators stop working...

White Star 976
Receives lots of coded signals at $4.99/minute.

From (Joe Schulte):

White Star 8675309
All female crew, all named Jenny.

From (John Yaskowich):

White Star 54
Drug filled parties and this great big spinning glitter ball.


White Star 54
Where are you?

White Star 911
For emergencies only.

White Star 409
For cleaning up messy problems.

From (Jon Armstrong):

White Star A1
Dubbed 'Polaris' by the crew. First White Star launched from under water.

White Star C3
Called 'Poseidon'. First MIRVed White Star.

White Star D5
Named 'Trident'. Biggest and baddest of the aqua White Stars. Crew's motto, "You want your warhead where? Sure, we can hit that window.".

From (Linda):

White Star 300
The fleet's best bowlers are assigned here.

White Star 4077
Fleet medical ship: "Best Care Anywhere".

White Star 9366
The fleet's "USO" ship. The crew likes to re-enact old radio series. (Beware of Lt. Sherwood, he's a bit of a con man...)

White Star 26809
Nicknamed "Echo Valley," under the command of Capt. Partridge.

White Star 66
Captain and first officer currently under disciplinary action due to taking too many "road trips".

White Star 73
Manned by crew with extensive wartime experience. Beware of crew-run con games and klutzy executive officer (and pursuit by command staff).

White Star 1929
Crashed, blame placed on commander, Captain Hoover...

From (Mike Garrison):

White Star 109
Was lost in battle, but crew (captained by a future alliance president) survived.

From (Morgan le Fee):

White Star 510
Additional fleet medical ship - known for its incredible nursing staff and hot redhead who sells used cars.

White Star 1986
First White Star to take a civilian teacher on board. Unfortunate accident, however, during its maiden voyage - all perished in terrible malfunction with the oxygen tanks.

White Star 1989
Carries remnants of all broken walls on board.

White Star 1945
Always carries the burden of being the first to 'drop the bomb'.

White Star 1812
Likes to get in fights over old unsettled issues.

And for those in the airline persuasion:

White Star 747
Double decker long-distance ship. Often held by terrorists.

White Star 'Airbus'
Rangers sold it to smaller vigilante group, didn't tell them about the maintenance problems.

White Star MD-80
Still has problems with turbulence.

White Star ATR
The White Star nobody wants to get on.

White Star 727
The crew wonders when they are going to retire the damn thing.

From (Nathan Shafer):

White Star 3.14...
Can't seem to fly in a straight line.

White Star 61
Under Capt. Maris, held a record of some sort, until Capts. MacGuire and Sosa started getting competitive.

White Star 100
They're always at the top of their game, for some reason.

White Star 110
Manned by really annoying over-achievers.

White Star 777
God's own White Star.

White Star 900
Contacting this White Star always costs more. Plus, they have a perpetual problem with their atmospheric systems, so breathing takes a lot more effort. Mostly staffed by housewives.

White Star 911
The emergency response White Star.

White Star 1701A
Every year, it looks better and better, as if it's been completely redesigned.

White Star 451
Very low levels of literacy among the crews, but a disproportionately high number with eidetic memory.

White Star 1040
Too hopelessly complicated for most ordinary Rangers too operate, so they spend 15 billion a year on a new class of C.P.R.s (Certified Public Rangers).

From (Ned Light):

White Star Number 9
Keeps saying 'Paul is dead' when in reverse.

From (C. Paseo):

White Star 86
Special team for covert ground missions. All crew members are issued a shoe phone.

White Star 69
Crew is rumored to share certain fetishes.

White Star 2001
Disappeared near Jupiter. Last transmission received: "My God, it's full of stars..."

From (Paul McElligott):

White Star 911
A ship with a very panicky crew.

White Star 47
This ship keeps getting mentioned on the show for no discernible reason.

White Star 45
This is where the Rangers keep all of their malt liquor.

A curious note: White Stars 4, 5, and 6 were built before No's 1, 2 and 3. They just announced the name for WS1, and everyone hates it.

White Star 5.9999678
This is just White Star 6 after they replaced the computer with a Pentium.

From (Pf2144):

White Star 17
Thought not to exist until found a couple years ago. It's rumored to be run by a cult and have a cheesy monster in it's depths.

White Star 19
Captained by the great great grandson of the greatest quarterback to ever live, Johny Unitas.

White Star 2632
Broke the consecutive flights record under Captain Ripken that was previously set by the late Captain Gerig on White Star 2130.

From (Phantasm):

White Star 900 & White Star 976
Have completely female crews, and you have to pay so much a minute to talk to them.

White Star 800 & White Star 888
Talks for free.

The crewmembers of White Star 2020 have great vision.

The crewmembers of White Star 2-2 all wear ballet outfits.

White Star 78 plays old record albums.

From (Rebecca Eschliman):

White Star 1013
A crew obsessed with conspiracies and Shadowed by alien abductors.

White Star 409
Dedicated to cleaning up the galactic rim.

White Star 1040EZ
A stripped-down WS which finds the shortest route through hyperspace.

White Star 404
When you try to contact it, it's not there.

From (Ron Hunsinger):

White Star 9 billion
Still under construction somewhere in Tibet, but when they finish it (in about 100 days) all the astronomers get to go to Disneyland.

From (Steve Brinich):

White Star 1040
Assigned to guard the IA Treasury.

From (Tom Meyer):

White Star 3.579545
No longer white, this ship is theoretically capable of becoming any color of the rainbow, but can't reproduce them with any kind of precision.

From (Victar):

White Star 88
All crew members must sign a mercenary blood-money contract. The penalty for desertion is death...

From (Wes Struebing):

White Star 3.14159...
That one is the apple of my eye!

White Star *e* (yeah, that's right)
It's also called a woodie...

White Star 51
For those rangers who are not too bright...

From (Mac Breck):

White Star 404
They can never be found.

White Star 151
Garibaldi's White Star.

From (Joe):

White Star 70
Home of the Narn Ranger Bat Squad?

From (Steven W. DiFranco):

White Star 666
A Hell of a place to be.

White Star 911
Your best hope in an emergency.

White Star 2
We try harder.

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