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Strange Poll Results

What is Morden's First Name?

November 14th, 1998

There were several interesting ideas for this one... I suggested David since it seems to be a favorite of JMS'. (David Morden, why not?) Some other suggestions were...

Gordon Morden (groan!)
Morgan Morden
Lesley Morden (hmm...)
Guerra Morden (I finally got it...)
Two people liked Billy Bob Morden.
(I can see it now... "You Might Be a Redneck Shadow if..." Hmm... hey, there's an idea!)

And one person suggested one for Morden's (deceased) wife... Rhoda. (As in Rhoda Morden-stern... Somebody's gotta explain this joke to me...)

Top (number) Uses For G'Kar's Prosthetic Eye

November 21st, 1998

1. He can line up his shots better when he uses it as a cue ball.
2. Gather intelligence on Lyta's pleasure threshold.
3. Who needs a mirror?
4. Throw it around the room while on for hangover relief.
5. Keep breaking it to annoy Franklin.
6. Use it to see with. (Ha!)

Favorite Guest Love Interest

November 5th, 1999

Dodger 11
Number One 10
Adira 5
Anna Sheridan 5
Cailyn 4
Lyndisty 4
Londo's Wives 4
Lise Hampton 3
Catherine Sakai 2
Janice Rosen 1
Caroline Sykes 0

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