The Babylon 5 Babylon
"We look stunning in purple."

The Interstellar Baseball League

The Babylon 5 Rangers:

Anyone residing on Babylon 5 for 6 months or longer is eligible to try out for the team, no matter what species they are. The team coach is Captain John Sheridan, formerly of Earth Alliance. Notable players are the Babylon 5 branch of the Narn Bat Squad, Marcus Cole, who is well-known for using an ancient Minbari pike instead of a bat, and Commander Susan Ivanova, a.k.a God. (Note: Ivanova has recently been taken off the team roster and made Head Cheerleader. Supposedly this is in response to complaints from other teams and umpires, but it may be just an excuse to distract the other players by putting her in a miniskirt.)

The Psi-Corps Teeps:

All Psi-Corps telepaths are eligible to try out for the team. The team coach is Alfred Bester, a Psi-Cop for Psi-Corps. Notable player is Talia Winters, who seems to have a talent for affecting the ball's trajectory just by concentrating on it. While not an outstanding team in terms of talent, the Teeps do have a knack for knowing which kinds of pitches the pitcher is going to throw, and knowing when a batter is trying to steal a base. Other teams have accused the Teeps of unfairly using their telepathic abilities, but they strongly deny this.

The Minbari Triluminaries:

The team coach is Alyt Neroon of the Star Riders clan in the warrior caste. Notable player is Sech Durhan of the Anla-Shok, proving that apparently the Denn-bok discipline can be adapted to baseball quite well. The Minbari were surprisingly receptive to learning the game of baseball, probably due to the prevalence of three's in the game... three outs, three strikes, nine innings, nine players on a team, etc. They have been known to petition from time to time to have the number of balls and bases changed from four to three, but with no success. Games against the Minbari usually take an extraordinarily long amount of time, due to the fact that they have rituals for batting, pitching, etc. which rival even the most superstitious baseball player. And it's a real pain trying to pick up all those candles off the field afterwards...

The Vorlon Inquisitors:

The team coach is Ambassador Kosh Naranek of the Vorlon Empire. I would tell you who the notable players are if I could tell one encounter suit from another. One would think those encounter suits would slow them down but the Vorlons can really move when they want to. Of course, no one's entirely sure how they hold the bat or pitch the ball. But they are rather adept at catching those high-flying hits and blinding everyone in the stadium with their light display. Though Lyta Alexander is a Babylon 5 resident she cheers for the Vorlons, wearing the strangest cheerleading contraption I've ever seen. Of course, the Vorlon cheers are rather enigmatic anyway. Oddly enough, there has never been a Vorlon home game. One wonders...

The Shadow Destroyers:

The team coach is an individual named Justin... he seems to be human, as is one of the other players, Mr. Morden. There are players of other non-Shadow species, as well as Shadows themselves, so I'm not sure what the requirements for trying out for the team are. When they're not playing the Shadows seem to enjoy working as vendors, asking people "What do you want?". They do not, however, make very good announcers. Though not a particularly outstanding team in terms of talent, since it is unsportsman-like to use slicer beams on your opponents, they tend to remain in good standing simply because whenever the other teams get wind of a scheduled Shadow home game they immediately forfeit. Also, the umpires seem to be strongly in their favor, particularly the Centauri ones. And all of those umpires also seem to have strange love of getting drunk. Curious...

The Centauri Republicans:

The team coach is Minister Verini, speaking for Emperor Cartagia. Notable player is Ambassador Londo Mollari - apparently those kutari fighting skills come in handy. The Centauri are exceptional at fielding... their hair-dos become useful gloves with the right hairstyling products and they have been known to use their *ahem* attributes from time to time. It's interesting to note that no one seems to want to touch the ball after one of those plays.

The Drazi Greens and Drazi Purples:

The Drazi actually have two teams which oppose each other one season out of every five. This has caused the other teams to complain, saying that the Drazi should have one team and just change the name once every five years as necessary.

The Markabs:

Due to unfortunate circumstances the Markabs have been forced to withdraw from the League.

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