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Submitted by Reuben Herfindahl

Nick Courtney (the Brig. from Dr. Who) and Gareth Thomas (Blake from Blake's 7) vs. Scotty from Star Trek and Michael Garibaldi.

Tough match. Two actors who played roles on British TV vs. two characters from US TV. The battle is to be decided via a drinking match.

Round 1

(in Scotty's quarters on the original Enterprise) Scotty pulls a bottle of Andorian Whistle Water out from his cabinet and sets it down on the table. Garibaldi shows up bringing a bottle of old fashioned Jack Daniels. Predictably, Nick Courtney and Gareth Thomas show up bringing nothing. That's what the fans are for, anyway. A gaggle of Dr. Who and Blake's 7 fans show up with cases of their favorite beers to provide for their favorite actors. Scotty pours a shot of Andorian Whisper Water and pounds it. Garibaldi takes a big swig of whiskey out of the bottle of Jack. Gareth and Nick start consuming strange microbrews that nobody has heard of.

Round 2

Garibaldi has finished the bottle of Jack and starts making fun of the special effects in Dr. Who and Blake's 7. Scotty has finished his bottle of Andorian Whisper Water and decides it is time to start on the bottle of Scotch. Nick and Gareth (still dead sober) start on yet another round of obscure microbrews. The fans have all passed out, already being unable to keep up with their idols.

Round 3

Garibaldi is completely drunk and has quit drinking. He continues to poke fun at the BBC budget, prodding Nick with the barb "Is that the best the BBC can do?" Nick responds "Probably not," and reenacts his scene from Battlefield and shoots Garibaldi with a silver bullet. Garibaldi dies. Gareth laughs and starts telling a story about how a similar situation once happened to him.

Round 4-7

Scotty goes through several bottles of Scotch and gets completely drunk.

Round 8

Scotty moans over not having any more Scotch and passes out.

Round 9

Nick and Gareth (still fairly sober) run out of the fans' beer and decide to call it a day.

The Winners

Nick Courtney and Gareth Thomas.

(If you've ever seen these two at a convention it makes far more sense.)

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